8 days to go

So word on the street is that we may have actual flushing toilets at our humble abode in the village. This is great news. I’ll take flushing toilets over electricity any day of the week! I had a particularly upsetting incident at a “bathroom” located at the outdoor market in Hanoi after a bout of food poisoning that will not soon be forgotten. So call me what you will, but I am definitely PRO flushing toilets!

The time is ticking down and I feel as though I should be doing something more to prepare but other than determining the intricacies of how to use Skype on my iPhone, I haven’t done that much in the way of preparing myself.

I have done some online research regarding foods in Uganda to try and determine how to help with nutrition issues in the village. Judging by what I have read, I may never want to look at another banana again by the time I get back. Ugandans reportedly consume upwards of a POUND of bananas a DAY. Seriously. I’m going big if I eat one banana a week! Mangoes are another big resource in the village where we are headed which I am much more pleased about. I can handle eating a lot of mango as long as maybe they can teach me a better way to cut those suckers open! I always feel like I’m missing a bunch of it and then that hairy prickly part in the middle is all weird and stuff. Maybe one of my big lessons from this trip will be to learn how to properly chow on a mango. I know, I know. I’m a dreamer.

Below I’ve include a picture I found online of some typical Ugandan food: rice, greens, pumpkin and beans. A terrifying thought just raced through my mind- what if there is no SALT?!?! *deep breath* Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ve already been preparing myself for things that might be lacking in Uganda such as the finer things like bacon and coffee. I’ve successfully weaned myself off the coffee and have been on a strict bacon reduction plan but I did not even consider the salt issue until now. Well all that’s left to do know is keep my fingers crossed. On the bright side, I will probably eat a little less if I don’t have salt so maybe this is an opportunity for me to shed those pesky last 5 pounds. In counseling I believe they call that “reframing”!

typical plate of african food in central Ug, Kampala. Uganda, Uganda
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: food in Uganda and other photos

2 thoughts on “8 days to go

  1. Fun! It sounds just like you! I say bring salt. And sugar and coffee – you can probably give it as gifts. This is coming from pure ignorance on my part, so I revert to stereotype ideas from war shortages. What do I know?

  2. went to kenya this summer. the bananas are way better than ours! and i learned how to cut a mango, its amazing. hope you like rice! its gonna be amazing. dont get on a border border! oh and the chicken just stays pink there even when its cooked.

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