New Developments

It’s the eve of my departure and I am rushing around feverishly trying to make sure I don’t forget anything without really knowing exactly what I need! I have taken the approach that whatever I forget, the Ugandans can probably show me how to live without it.

As I mention in the title, the have been two new developments #1 I got engaged!!! My fiancé is a smart, funny, witty guy and I’m so excited to have found him. I never thought I would find someone that I loved this much and who is so awesome. #2 is a much more serious matter that is quite disturbing. I discovered, over casual dinner conversation on Monday night, that there is NO CHEESE in Uganda!!! Wine is also scarce. Craziness!! It seems so barbaric but apparently there is a bacteria called listeria (which has nothing to do with mouthwash- I asked) that can kill you or something so cheese is a total no go. I’m already envisioning the bacon bleu cheese burger that I’ll have at the Waterfront when I get back. Something to look forward to! Oh yeah AND seeing all these people again too!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Developments

    • Hi! Just dashing off some quick replies. I hope all is well with you. I’ve heard that it’s been raining since we left. It’s beautiful here right now- overcast and cool but the sun is started to peek out of the clouds. I’m bracing myself for the heat. Our team leader decided to buy us navy blue t-shirts as our working uniform- bad idea! They’re like heat magnets!!

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