We Made It!

I’m not really sure if this post will make it through. The internet at our guest house in Kampala is limited to say the least! So for now, I will keep this relatively short.

We have spent our first day in Kampala mostly relaxing. We visited an orphanage nearby briefly and plan to return tomorrow to play with the kids. We also visited a local hospital but they weren’t too excited to see us and asked us to come back when there are more people to show us around. It is really green here and some of the worst smoke I have ever experienced-even during the fires. Apparently, during the dry season they burn crops and they also burn trash. My lungs are on fire! On a happy note, the sunset tonight should be amazing. I’m going to see if this will post.

I have about 100 pictures already and I’m not really sure if this connection will let me post them, but I’ll give it a try….OK, no go on the pictures 😦 Hopefully, Philippe will get our aircard soon so we don’t have to toil in the “business centre” any longer!

More soon…


3 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. I’m glad you made it safely. I want to tell you to have a good time, but I suppose that’s not what it’s all about. So I’ll just say, I hope all goes well and you accomplish your mission. Do they celebrate Christmas there?

  2. Just from the start of things it sounds like you will be able to write a book with your experiences. Keep yourself safe because you can’t help others if you get hurt. What a wonderful adventure and opportunity to truly make a difference.

    • Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I’m staying safe here. We got to the village yesterday and it’s very beautiful. I’ve only gotten three mosquito bites since I’ve been here so I think I’m doing pretty well. Thankfully I’m travelling with a doctor and a paramedic so if anything happens, I’ll be able to identify it quickly. There’s an amazing amount of medicinal plants and remedies here too. Very interesting stuff. I hope all is well with you.

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