It’s a beautiful morning

Our first morning in the village has been beautiful. It’s cool and overcast which isn’t common so we’re enjoying it while we can. The internet connection has been relatively fast and our host is convinced that the sun makes it run slower. There are a lot of interesting interpretation of various phenomena here. When people feel sick, they say they have “a little malaria”. Hahaha. One of my team members got a really painful coldsore and they keep asking her if she’s got some malaria.

I’m still trying to get myself adjusted to relaxing. There’s nothing like a trip abroad to make you realize just how fast we do everything in the US. Things get done here, but it’s going to require the appropriate amount of socializing, relaxing and sometimes, depending on what you’re doing, travel.

I have finally gotten some pictures on to my computer so I will try to do another post with some pics. Cross your fingers 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful morning

  1. I am so glad that you are having a good time. Also, you really should take advantage of the slow pace while you can. I love this communication system, it keeps my worry level somewhat in check. Love you. Mom

    • Hi Mom! I am slowly getting more relaxed. Nothing is happening quickly here. It is very hot which seems to slow everyone down a lot. I’ll try to give you a guys a call for Christmas but cell phone coverage is spotty and inconsistent. I love you!

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