We’re in the village

Chickens are pecking at my feet and I’m trying to learn some Lasoga with a lot of difficulty. Chuck is hanging our mosquito nets- thank goodness. It’s bugalicious out here!! We’ve been here about 2 hours and the children have been swarming around to get their pictures taken. I hope for a better internet connection soon. Our air card is VERY slow so again, no photos.

We’re learning very quickly that nothing in Uganda happens quickly. Our ideas about what we will be doing continue to evolve as we learn more about the village and the people we will be working with. Suddenly, there are about 8 people holding 3 different conversations around me and a rooster is losing it’s mind. It’s 6pm and he won’t stop cock a doodle doing.

I’ll have to do some more writing later…


2 thoughts on “We’re in the village

  1. It’s pouring down rain here. I haven’t seen so much water on the roadways in years. The puddles are so deep, I almost lost it a couple times on my way in to work today.

    Do they celebrate Christmas by any chance? I’m curious as to how they would say “Merry Christmas.” And if not Christmas, how do they say aloha?

    • Hi!! Thanks for commenting- I finally figured out how to respond 🙂 Ugandas are mostly Christian and some Muslim. Their Christmas here is mostly about going to church and having a HUGE dinner with family and friends that lasts a long time. A very small minority of people exchange gifts but that’s mostly a result of Western influence. Ugandas celebrate Christmas as a purely religious holiday. I haven’t figured out how to say Merry Christmas yet but to say “Thank You” you say “wave a lay”- that’s my phonetic spelling interpretation.:) I’m bummed I’m missing the rain- apparently as soon as we left Kampala for the village, it started raining there and from what I have heard, raining in the city is pretty bad so I guess we lucked out!

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