Eaten Alive

I woke up this morning with about 20 mosquito bites. Looks like I slept with one last night in my net! On the bright side, the incubation time for malaria is 7 to 14 days (I think) so if I end up getting sick, at least I will be back in a city for medical care!

Since yesterday was a holiday, we drove over to Lake Kyoga and the Nile. We took a hike up a small mountain and has some stunning views of the surrounding area. I have some great pictures that I’ll post when I get home.

We only have 5 more days in the village before we start our journey back to the city and then have a few days for our safari before returning home. On one hand, it feels like I’ve been gone forever. I was wondering today if I will even be able to remember the password on my computer at work. On the other hand, it seems like we’ve just barely scratched the surface of the work that needs to be done here. As Jen has commented, we’ll keep planting seeds because we never know which ones will take root.

As everyone is throwing around ideas for their New Year’s resolutions, I’d challenge everyone to think about how you will give to others this year- maybe even in a way you’ve never done before. The people we have encountered in Uganda have next to nothing and they always find a way to give to each other- whether it’s a chicken, a few sweet potatoes or a flat of eggs. Let their generosity be a guiding light as you set your goals for the coming year!!


3 thoughts on “Eaten Alive

  1. WoW! Hungry little insect. Hope you will be fine, don’t itch too much and don’t get ill. Quite an adventure you are experiencing. I hope your little safari trip will be memorable as well. Looking forward to reviewing the pictures later. Hey, when you get back to work, how about a lunch meeting entitled “Shelly’s Wild African Trip”? La Jolla Room with Proxima to display your adventures.

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