P90- Uganda Style

So one of my team mates brought the infamous P90 workout dvd. A few of them have been doing it here and there and today I actually feel 100% so I joined in. With a little convincing, we got all but one of our team to join in the workout madness in our host’s front yard. Within a few minutes, we drew an audience of children and about 5 of them got behind us and started doing the workout. It was pretty comical for us and I can only imagine what these kids must thing of us crazy Americans.

In a couple of hours, we’ll be headed back over to the school so Geoff can do an emergency first aid training with the community members. They told our host Patrick that they are expecting to receive certificates! We hadn’t really planned on providing certificates but Philippe has been hard at work designing a sufficiently fancy momento of their training experience. After this afternoon, we only have 4 more training days left before we take off.

In the next 4 days, we’re hoping to: have the painting be completed at the new health clinic and move the furniture in, design a community health board, paint the school, hang the classroom instruction materials, have the carpenter finish the bookcase and computer desks (this seems like a pipe dream to me), set up a library with the books Annslie brought, provide 3or 4 more community trainings and provide the nurses with emergency delivery training. I’m sure there are some things I’ve forgotten. Lots to do and little time to do it!!

Once we leave the village, our plan is to stop by Jinja and see the source of the Nile and maybe Bujigali Falls on our way back to Kampala. We’ll overnight in Kampala and I think that the Rotary Club there is having a reception for us. Then it’s off to safari in Murchison Falls. From what I have read, it’s the waterfall with the highest pressure in the world. The Nile narrows into a small spot where the water has to shoot out so it’s very powerful. There are supposed to be tons of animals and we are specifically doing some kind of rhino tracking I think on one of the two days. I’m praying for an armored vehicle!! I think I’ve read that more people get killed by rhinos than lions in the wild. Yikes!!! We’ll be staying at Parra Lodge and then back to Kampala where we’ll have the day to hopefully squeeze in some shopping. Other than a couple of pairs of earrings, I have yet to buy anything. There is a place there called African Village where people sell their handicrafts so I’m hoping to stock up on gifts for everyone. I’ve got thousands of Ugandan Shillings burning a hole in my pocket!! If you haven’t already submitted a request for something from Uganda, feel free to make one now. I have no idea what will really be available, but I’m willing to give it a try!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. More to come…


6 thoughts on “P90- Uganda Style

  1. Shelly, I just love reading your posts. I know you’re working very hard. But what an adventure! Your posts are so fun I really feel like a part of your whole experience.
    Did I ever tell you about when I got rammed by a Rhino? Fortunately, I was in a car and there was only minor damage. Remind me to tell you when you return. It’s a fun story.
    Stay safe and have fun!

  2. enjoying your blog. Sounds like you are making a difference. Isn’t Rotary wonderful! The experience youa re having is something you will never forget. Enjoy and keep blogging.

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