Laundry and Jack Fruit

So when we were preparing to come out here, we were assured that someone would take care of laundering our clothes. When we arrived, we found out that they had hired a boy from the village to wash our clothes and he had been “in training” for the past couple of months! Very impressive 🙂 What we ALSO found out was that he has never washed women’s underwear and it would be very inappropriate for him to do that. Sooooo, I will add a washing machine to the list of amenities that I miss!!!

Yesterday we were really hungry and we had a few hours until dinner so I asked some of the boys who work here to help me find a ripe jack fruit. After hunting one down, I engaged them in a spirited jack fruit seed spitting contest. I’m proud to say that the US swept Uganda in the Jack Fruit Seed Spitting Cup! I wish I could say that it was my skill that brought home the gold but it wasn’t. I was a third place finisher but our very own Amanda Wirtz made the magic happen.

I facilitated a workshop for the villagers today on goal setting. My strategic planning skills have been put to good use! It was a complicated subject because in Lasoga, there isn’t really a word for “goal” or “objective.” It was pretty dicey there for a while, but I got them to give me examples and helped them map out some goals and by the end, I’m pretty sure they got it. At the very least, I wasn’t boo-ed out of the classroom.

Tomorrow the microcredit people are rumored to be coming. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!


One thought on “Laundry and Jack Fruit

  1. Are you going to do a goodbye something special for your laundry expert? : )

    I’m glad your trip has been such a success. Sounds like you exposed the folks there to a variety of ideas, and that you fit right in to the whole experience – which makes sense, given your natural spark and happy enjoyment of new experiences and people. Thanks for representing the U.S. so well! And, in turn, you’ll be an abassador for them when you come back here…how cool.

    We are starting our 2011 Biggest Loser on 1/14, but I figure you will be busy enjoying bacon double cheeseburgers rather than worrying about losing weight, so I won’t sign you up.

    I am looking forward to having you here in person, but am glad to think of you continuing your adventure there for a while. Good luck with the rhinos. Don’t light a fire – I saw in a movie once that they run over to stomp it out. : )


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