Reefer Madness

So we can add drug bust to our list of accomplishments. One of our team members went for a walk around our host family’s property and was picking up various plants when he stumbled upon a neighbor’s marijuana patch. The team thought it was mildly amusing but our host was not too happy. He called the local police and about an hour later, two soldiers were tromping through the neighbor’s yard yanking up plants. I got an awesome picture of the soldiery guy with a bunch of 5 ft. pot plants at our plastic table. The best part is I got him to smile 🙂 The neighbor showed up a few minutes later and was questioned and arrested all in our front yard. T.I.A!!!

Even after a hard day of crime fighting, we were still able to make it to the graduation on time-ish. Time is an interesting phenomena in Africa. When one of my teammates complained that the nurses who we invited for a training at 2pm were just arriving at 4pm our hostess had the following to say: “God has blessed us with lots of time. So in Africa, 2pm means 4pm.” Well there ya go! I’ve definitely settled into the whole relaxed time thing. I realized I was fighting a losing battle on the whole “timeliness” issue so I figured it was best to just go native on that whole issue. Otherwise, I might have an ulcer right now!!!

We’re back in Kampala now and enjoying a few hours of free time before our farewell reception. Tomorrow we head off for our safari in Murchison Falls! I can hardly wait to check out all the animals. We’re doing an afternoon safari tomorrow and a morning rhino tracking the next day. I’m hoping for lots of animal sightings!!

On a final note, please think positive thoughts for Sudan. Their 9 day election has begun.


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