Paraa Lodge

We’re at Paraa Lodge and we’re in heaven. After 8 long hours on hot, dusty roads, we were greeted at the beautiful Parra Lodge by a woman who supplied us with ice cold towels and glasses of passion fruit juice. The calmness of the hotel was a welcome change from the break neck speed on bumpy dirt roads that we took to get here. On the way we saw several families of baboons, tons of warthogs, some elephants and hippos in the distance and an animal that I have deemed the deer-donkey. And we haven’t even started the safari yet!
We arrived and were absolutely amazed by the beauty and peacefulness of this place. It’s right on the Nile and has an awesome swimming pool with a swim up bar! Within a few hours of arriving, I swam, had a few drinks, got a massage and hit up the buffet dinner with the team. This is living! Such a welcome reprieve from the village. The massage was less than $20 so I might just have to go back tomorrow. I’m supporting the local economy one beer and one massage at a time. 🙂

Tomorrow we’re going on a riverboat cruise to Murchison Falls and then a game drive at 4pm. Woo hoo!!


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