As you can imagine, the safari was awesome! We went out in the morning for a boat ride to see hippos and Murchison Falls. I could not believe how many hippos we saw in the Nile. I am not exaggerating when I say that we saw HUNDREDS of hippos. They make really funny noise that kind of sound like Urkel laughing. We also saw a ton of birds, bush bucks and a ton of warthogs. In the afternoon, we went on a game drive out on the savannah in a little bus where the roof pops up about three 3ft so you can stand up but it shields you in case something gets to close. Within the first few minutes, we saw giraffes nibbling away on some trees. We got some amazing pictures. We also saw cape buffalo, tons of little deer like animals called oribi and the Ugandan Kob which is a ram looking thing that is on the Ugandan shillings. As dusk came, we got to see some elephants and I got a short video of one coming towards the car as it crossed the road.  The best was last. As we were headed back, I looked up the road and saw a female lion coming towards the car. We slowed down and she gave us a quick glance before sauntering into the brush. Not too shabby for our first day. Today we woke up early and went to see the falls from the top. It was an amazing view of two stunning waterfalls. Geoff and I were walking down the trail and came across a very poisonous forest viper. It was pretty small and by all accounts looked half dead, but we let the guide scoot him off the trail with his walking stick anyway. On our way back to Kampala, we stopped by a rhinoceros refuge and got to walk up pretty close to some rhinos that were taking a nap. Rhinos were poached to extinction in the 80s in Uganda and a South African woman has started a refuge to try and get them reestablished. All this time I thought rhinos were the dangerous ones but apparently it’s the hippos that get fired up and stomp people. Rhinos get agitated less easily and really only charge you if the feel threatened. Good to know- especially since we were 50 ft or so away from them while they were napping. All in all, a great safari experience.
After two days of safari-ing we are worn out! We’re back at the guest house in Kampala and getting ready to spend our last evening in Uganda. Tomorrow at around midnight, we start the journey back to the states. I hope I’ll have the chance to post once more before I leave but in the event that I don’t, I’ll see you all soon!! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.


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