Mason- 6 years old

Mason’s 6th birthday party was last Saturday. It was a storm drain-themed party. Kyle painstakingly crafted a storm drain cake. Mason was very happy to say the least.


We’re in Escrow!!

After a month long hiatus in the blogging department, I finally have a few minutes on the computer. I am happy to report that, after some extensive looking, we found a house! We had resigned ourselves to a 3 bedroom because, after reviewing what a mortgage payment would be, it just seemed like a 4 bedroom was going to be pushing it. But lo and behold, we found a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath in Clairemont! We’re so excited. Our escrow is due to close on March 15th. It’s crazy how quickly these things happen. It’s been strange the past couple of days to wake up and not go racing to look at the new listings on or see what our real estate agent sent. I was absolutely giddy last night when I saw the notificaton on redfin that our house is “sale pending.” 🙂

The place is in need of some serious updating, but that’s just one of the many reasons I have Kyle! He is great with style and design and thank goodness. My sense of color and furniture positioning leaves something to be desired.

So everyone keep your fingers crossed that nothing major happens during the next 30 days and feel free to forward any words of wisdom for new home buyers.