To Venice or Not to Venice?

Warning: This post may contain an overuse of the words “amazing” and “delicious”. I’m on vacation so I’m just too lazy to use the thesauraus or spellcheck for that matter. So there.

Greetings from Lido! Unbeknownst to me when I made our hotel reservation, Lido while technically considered “Venice” is on a separate little island. It’s a short ferry ride over but Kyle and I have had such a relaxing time here, we’ve decided to stay another day. We may or may not explore Venice tomorrow but we went ahead and booked another night in Lido so the earliest we’ll see Croatia will be Thursday. Oh the beauty of unplanned vacations!

Here’s a quick recap of our trip so far: The flight from Houston to Frankfurt was pretty awful. Kyle slept like a baby of course and I was left to piece together moments of sleep here and there. By the time we arrived in Frankfurt for our FIVE hour layover, I was not a happy camper. Kyle found me a row of chairs where I put my ear plugs in and proceeded to pass out for a couple of hours while he explored the airport. After my nap we got on to the last leg of our flight into Venice. Thankfully, it was a quick hour and 15 minutes that was followed by a really beautful boat ride over to our hotel. Venice welcomed us with a beautiful sunset.

Our view as the water taxi took us from the airport to our hotel. Not too shabby.

After we made it to the hotel (and discovered we were not actually in Venice proper), we dropped off our stuff and decided to follow the front desk man’s recommendation for a good dinner- Africa Trattatoria. Interestingly, they did not have any African food and I was happy for that. At that point last night I wanted some Italian food STAT! And we got it. It was delicious. I got the grilled shrimp with this creamy polenta in the middle- which I doused in a liberal amount of olive oil. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Kyle got the chicken marsala which was equally delicious. For an appetizer we decided to order anitpasto salumi. Which we thought would be your typical anitpasto salad. Oh no. It was a plate of meat. And damn it was good!

Our plate of meat. Side note: This closely resembles what I had for breakfast this morning too! I could eat meat and cheese like this at every meal. Salty delightfulness.

It’s worthy of mention that our hotel that we stayed at last night was amazing! A very tiny room and an even tinier shower (guess who didn’t shave her legs this morning!) but very charming and it seemed super Venice-y.

The inside of our first hotel. The walls are all lined with fabric.

And what was even cooler was the ginormous tower that allowed you to oversee Lido and out to the ocean. We climbed up there this morning to check out the view and it was pretty amazing.

The view from atop our hotel balcony. I'm relatively sure that's Venice over there across the water but of course I thought Lido was attached so take it for what it's worth.

We had thought that we would go to Venice today and sight see but we decided instead to sleep in. I ended up awake from 2:30am to 6am so I was more than happy to sleep until 9:45am. We had our breakfast at the hotel and then Kyle suggested a nap- this is coming from the guy who has slept more in the past 48 hours than he has probably been awake! And who is currently snoring away next to me taking his second nap of the day and it’s not even 4pm. I envy him. I attempted to nap with Kyle but after 45 minutes I gave up and got ready for the day. As it turns out, our day has pretty much been meandering around, eating and checking into a new hotel. Unfortunately, our last hotel was booked for tonight so they found us a room at a great place with a balcony.

Me posing on the deck of our second hotel in Lido. A gorgeous tree-lined street next to the main drag.

And I will leave you with a photo of Kyle and our lunch. He had a salami and mozzarella sandwich and I had a salami, artichoke, ham and mushroom pizza. We covered both with olive oil. : )

A little cafe with tables and PORCH SWINGS outside. Perfecto.


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