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For some reason WordPress is consolidating all of my captions and only posting one picture. : ( No time to try to figure it out. I’ll try more later. Peace out.


Plitvices National Park and on to Zagreb

Well, our internet connection has been a little less dependable than hoped but today we are in the town of Samobar outside of Zagreb and they have some signal! Samobar is known as a “foodie” destination and is especially famous for their krem snitzel (pictures to follow). I don’t know where, but I swear I have it before. It is essentially a flaky phyllo dough top and bottom with a light, delicious custard in the middle.  Delish!! We need to get going to Zagreb so this will be a quick post. Here’s the recap: we left Venice on Wednesday instead of Thursday because apparently the ferries only run on certain days. So Wednesday we ended up in Porec (pronounced pore-itch). Porec is a coastal town in the Istria part of Croatia and absolutely goregeous. After a day there, we decided to rent a car and drive around Croatia rather than be subject to the bus/train schedule. So we rented a Volkswagen Polo- similar to a Golf and off we went. Kyle can’t drive a stick so it’s been my lack luster driving skills getting us around. Surprisingly, the Polo is easy to drive so there have really only been minor nervous incidents. Oh! And speaking of nervous incidents…everyone asked before we left, are you sure Croatia is safe?? And it has been really one of the safest places I have ever visited except for a minor riot that broke out at the toll booth on our way out of Istria. We were pulling up and saw smoke which seemed weird but we thought it was from the diesel trucks. Well, turns out it was the beginning of a a riot. We still have no clue what they were rioting about but a large group of angry young men (picture below) were throwing rocks and wielding 2 x4s and pipes. A few toll booth windows were shattered but it didn’t seem to really upset the polizia at all. They ambled over to their car got out some chest plate thingees and sort of rounded people up. They would chill out for a minute and then someone would start yelling and light a flare (who just has flares hanging around?) and throw it and the whole thing would kick up again. It wasn’t happening on our side of the toll booth so our traffic actually just kept moving. No one seemed to be really worked about it except for me. I was yelling at Kyle- “Get the camera, get out of the car! Youtube that sh@t!!” In the end, the video thing didn’t pan out and we ended up with only one picture that really doesn’t capture the essence of the excitement but its here for your perusal. : )

We made our way from the riot into the area called Kvarner where the Plitvices Park is located. It is a World Heritage Site filled with amazing lakes and waterfalls and well worth a trip if you’re ever here. I’ve never seen something quite like it. On our way to the park we found a great little town called Ogulin which is in the process of branding itself as the Homeland of Fairy Tales and it all that that implies. Kyle suggested that my parents move there so my Dad could help them put together a Film Commission but something tells me that it might be a bit far away from the family. It was an absolutely picturesque and altogether unexpected little find.

Well, so much for a short post. Kyle has already seized the opportunity for another nap in the hotel lobby. Here are some pictures. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll be able to go truffle hunting. I have emailed some places and have my fingers crossed. We have to go back to Venice early because of the ferry schedule so we’ll actually be spending a lot more time there than we originally planned but I’m sure we’ll find some interesting things to do! Here are the pics in no particular order. Ciao peeps.

The water is even more beautiful then this photo captures! This is at Plitvices National Park. We've been very active on our vacation. Hiking, running biking. We're pretty impressed with ourselves!The obligatory, "couple in front of waterfall" picture. : )The angry mob. You can't see it very well, but the smoke is where the flare was getting waved around.Bike riding around Porec. The town is there in the background. They have really cool paths all over the coast line.And finally, the square in the middle of Ogulin, the cute little town we stumbled upon on our way to the park.