Halfway There!!!!

I can hardly believe that half my pregnancy is already over. I’m 20 weeks as of Monday. Which is weird because if you ask someone how long a human pregnancy lasts they would say…nine months. Well according to all medical people and my What to Expect When You’re Expecting book, a full-term pregnancy is actually 40 weeks or TEN MONTHS. What the hell?!? Shenanigans!!! What kind of hooey is that? Right now an extra 4 weeks seems like an eternity to have to wait to meet this little girl. And I’m sure as I get bigger and crankier my motivation will be much more than just eagerness to see her cute little face in person.

Lucky for me at the moment, all is going very well. I seem to be hitting all the important milestones. I started feeling little kicks at about 17 weeks and a week ago I was able to actually start feeling them on the outside of my stomach with my hand. So cool! I have even got her to cooperate so that Kyle and his mom both got a chance to feel it too. According to all sources, the baby is about the size of a cateloupe right now and becoming much stronger so as you can imagine, I have really been feeling her kicks and punches more so than ever.

And for those of you who don’t already know (and were curious about my pronoun usage)- It’s a Girl! When I went in at 17 ½ weeks, they were able to notice a distinct absence of what the technician called “boy parts.” Seems a little strange for medical professionals to use such a simple sounding phrase considering how easily they throw around other words like uterus, cervix, placenta and choroid plexus but hey I’m not complaining. Kyle and I are both ecstatic and are on the hunt for the perfect girl name.

Kyle has set up a firm “Lucy or Penelope” camp while I have yet to be 100% convinced that either of them are the right one. I was really into the name Anabel but I think the Annie train has left the station and now I really like Clara but seem to change my mind daily. I never really thought about how odd it is to try and name a person who you haven’t met yet. I mean when you name your dog, you play with it for a while get a sense of their personality and let that be your guide but with babies, you are a little more limited in your interactions. The good news is that we’ve got 20 more weeks to hammer it all out because I’ve heard they don’t let you leave the hospital without a name. In the meanwhile, here is a picture of my ginormous belly!

That's me signing "20". As in 20 weeks. I know, I know. Very clever. Don't hate.