Some of Shelly’s Favorite Things- Part Two- 3 Blogs and a Website

In my misguided notion that other people care about things I’m interested in, I am moving forward with my “Shelly’s Favorite Things” series. I’ll wait for the cheering to subside… ok, let’s move on.

 As some of you may know I am a big time resource mongerer. I am the person you want to tell when you are looking for a new job, trying to find the perfect shoes to match your dress, or maybe you want to know a really great place to take your in-laws for dinner when they’re visiting from out of town. For some strange reason, I like to be the person with the answer or at least the best suggestion. And it helps that I do have an opinion on almost everything!

 Back in the day, I was that annoying kid in class whose hand was the first to shoot up in the air to every question the teacher asked. I sat impatiently making little “ooo, ooo I know this one!” type of noises while the teacher scanned the classroom praying that someone else would raise their hand. “Does anyone other than Shelly want to try and answer this one?” Yep. That was me. I imagine I looked a little something like the girl below but not quite as cute.

So why not use some of my inexplicable, overzealous need to have “the answer” (and obvious over-inflated sense of self-importance) for good?!? And so “Shelly’s Favorite Things” was born. Enjoy.

 Top Blogs/Websites (in no particular order)

The Bloggess– This blog consistently makes me LOL. This woman is incredibly witty, funny and undeniably odd and all in a really awesome way. I appreciate her weird sense of humor, potty mouth and candidness in terms of her struggles with her mental health. She’s entertaining and she’s real and it makes it a consistent go-to when I have a free moment. This specific post wiht excerpts from her upcoming book is HILARIOUS.

Young House Love– Another blog site that is mostly focused on DIY home improvement projects. This is a young couple who have apparently become quite famous for their site. They mix their DIY projects for the home with posts about their lives that are inspirational, funny and generally enjoyable to read.

A Cookie-Cutter Blog– This blog is written by San Diego local, Michelle Ana. She is the instructor at my prenatal yoga class and she happens to be an avid baker, seamstress and all around cool chick. Her blogs focus on cooking, mostly baking and sewing projects. I have been really interested lately in trying to learn to sew and love food so it’s a great match for me. Her recipe for the shamrock shake is dee-lish!

Good.Is– This is actually a website rather than a blog but equally enticing for those of you who, like myself, have a somewhat attention span. Essentially, it’s an online news source that is dedicated to social causes but in a cooler way than I can articulate here. Their tag line is, “For People Who Give a Damn.” Honestly, on any given day I really fluctuate on my “giving a damn” level but I always find the website entertaining- especially the infographics.

Anyone have a blog or website to share?? C’mon people, this is where you leave me little comments with cool website suggestions. There’s a whole web universe out there to be explored and I have to start somewhere. Help a girl out!


One thought on “Some of Shelly’s Favorite Things- Part Two- 3 Blogs and a Website

  1. 1. You’re hilarious! I read my hubby the first paragraph of your blog and we both chuckled it up.
    2. You’re incredibly sweet to include my lil ol’ blog in your favorites list! Plus, I’m alongside Young House Love, sheesh-o! That blog is such a fun read! Many thanks 🙂
    3. I popped over to see about “The Bloggess” and she had me hooked at her subtitle, “Like Mother Teresa, Only Better”. Will definitely read the posting you noted soon.
    4. My blog recommendation for you is Mommy Shorts. Its written by a Jewish mom in NY. She has a toddler and a quick wit.

    See you soon lady and thanks again!

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