Crafty McCrafterson at Your Service!

I am happy to announce the completion of my first diaper cake and onesie project! A woman who works in my office is due 3 days before me and we had her shower today. After seeing diaper cakes on Pinterest several times and ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at their majesty, I decided that this baby shower was my chance to do it up. And I figured that while I was at it, I’d try to do something mildly creative with some onesies.

Here’s my process in case you should ever decide to undertake a diaper cake. It is actually pretty simple, it just takes some time investment. There are a million ways to decorate these things but the basics are pretty much the same. You’ll need

– between 70 to 80 diapers (for a three tier like the one I made)

– some sort of core to use as the middle of the whole thing. I used an upside down tin vase from Target.

– as many rubber bands as diapers

– a gift that will fit inside the upside down vase or other core of your choosing

– ribbon

– a cake topper of some sort (I just covered with fresh flowers)

– some sort of a base for the diaper cake (I used foam core from the 99 cent store)

– hot glue gun and one stick of glue


1. Roll up all the diapers. I suggest doing this while watching tv so you aren’t overwhelmed by the sheer number of diapers in front of you. You begin the rolling with the open side and secure with a rubber band. You’ll end up with a pile like the one pictured below.

 2. Next get your gift and the core. I have seen people use a champagne bottle in the middle which to me seems like a pretty decent plan because then you’ve got the core AND a gift all in one! However, champagne bottles are pretty darn heavy so I opted for the upside down tin vase with a bath care kit tucked inside.

3. Place the core on the foam board or whatever you’re using for your base. Some people put doilies underneath to spruce it up but I opted for the plain, white (read: easy) option.

4. Surround the core with a layer of diapers and then surround that layer with another layer of diapers. Depending on how big you’re going to go with this thing, adjust your row amounts accordingly.

5. Get your ribbon and measure around the out layer of diapers. Keep the ribbon pretty snugly wrapped because it will look lame if it’s loose and won’t hold the diapers in place or cover up the rubber bands. Cut the ribbon to size and secure with some hot glue.

As a side note, I bought two different ribbons and hot glued them together to add a little more hitch to the giddity up. It’s not necessary, particularly if you’re going to decorate the heck out of it later with little gifts like pacifiers and toys on the outside but definitely nice if you’re keeping the overall look pretty simple.

6. Move on to your second row and repeat all of step 5, adjusting depth of rows to your liking. On my cake, I made the first and second rows two layers deep with the second row a little more snugly secured with the ribbon to give the cake the illusion of distinct tiers.

7. On this cake, I decided to make the third row only one layer deep to add some definition and plus, I was really running out of steam and diapers and another trip to Target was out of the question.

8. At this stage, I suggest you step back and admire your work. This is your first glimpse of your soon-to-be-masterpiece and it deserves some attention! After you have finished basking in the glow of your Pampers Palace, start contemplating your cake topper.

9. I decide to go with some fresh flowers on the top but have seen others use a stuffed animal or cutie patootie little baby shoes. The possibilities are limitless so get jiggy with it and get your craftiness on.

10. If you go with flowers, all you need is a little chunk of that green floral foam core stuff, some pins and some flowers. Arrange them on top in some sort of complimentary color to your ribbon or overall theme.

11. Lastly, place any other decorations you might have on to the cake. In my case, I used 3 packages of butterflies I found at the 99 cent store that had wire in them. I poked them around the cake and voila! Diaper cake complete.

As for the onesies, I’m not going to pretend that it was that difficult. I found some embroidered patches at Michael’s in a baby type of theme and ironed them on per the instructions. Kyle got a little more creative and cut out an “E” for Emalee from some scrap fabric to go on a onesie and it looked super cute. I used a little Stich Witchery to adhere it to the onesie. I think all his lawyer-ing is really holding him back from his other true creative callings!! Here are a few pics.

So there it is. My first craftiness in a years (unless you count Kyle’s Valentine’s Day card that did incorporate some peel and stick foam letters, construction paper and crayons). If you have any questions feel free to ask.

** All materials were bought at Target, Wal-mart, Michaels and the 99 cent store. I’d guesstimate the total cost of the diaper cake to be about $50 and if you were a super bargain hunter you could probably get that down to even less.

Here are a few other diaper cakes examples to provide some extra inspiration:



2 thoughts on “Crafty McCrafterson at Your Service!

    • Well I don’t know how amazing it really is but I was glad it came out cute. I learned about making stencils out of freezer paper that you iron on fabric so I definitely want to try that out next.

      And PS: I ended up with a few extra diapers so I’ll have some on hand in the event I don’t want the meconium poop in my cloth diapers 🙂

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