Wintery Mushroom Stew/Soup (vegan)


The Sinister Plan

As a flexitarian trying to be vegan, I’m in a constant search for non-animal related recipes. Pinterest is my best friend. Tonight’s recipe was a vegan win. How does one designate a Pinterest win (as opposed to the ever popular “fail”)? Well, in my house a wine win means that more than just my husband and I ate it and liked it. I was pretty unsure about the whole thing because it involved two of kids’ arch enemies- kale AND mushrooms. What?!? That’s right. I put together a recipe that included both of these devil ingredients and lived to tell the tale.


To be completely transparent here, my 3 year old loves mushrooms (?!?) and was partially bribed with a post dinner “snack” (a banana) to finish her dinner. Our 8 year old gave all her mushrooms to me. Our (very, very) picky 10 year old was sick and didn’t eat with us. And the 14 year old would have probably eaten the legs off the table… so, you know, take this for what it’s worth!

I found the recipe on Pinterest at The First Mess. I doubled the recipe and with 5 people eating ended up with maybe one serving left over. I’m not expecting it to last past lunch tomorrow. It may not even make it into the leftover containers.


Here’s the only modifications above and beyond doubling the recipe that I would recommend.

  • Quintuple the amount of soy sauce, salt and wine added to the whole thing (above and beyond just doubling from serving 4 to 8). Since I had a whole bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay at my discretion it was pretty much, “One for you, two for the doctor” sort of thing going on the whole time I was cooking.
  • If you have mushroom haters in your midst, reduce the mushrooms (I used 1 lb. for a doubled recipe which should have used 2 lbs.) and add quinoa to thicken the whole thing up. I used 1 cup (pre-cooked) of the Ancient Grains blend from Costco.

Parting Words

This is a relatively quick, hearty meal to feed to even the vegan-resistant in your midst. If you have some kale that is starting to wilt or prepared quinoa that needs to be used, this is a great option. Another easy soup/stew to throw together in your Dutch oven for a chilly night.**

** I live in San Diego so this means the temperature has dropped below 60 degrees. Brrrrr…


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